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Exclusive אור הלר - מרכז המרצים לישראל
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The military correspondent for Channel 13 TV Israel. Throughout his 20 years of experience – 4 of which he spent as foreign correspondent for Channel 10 and Ma’ariv in Paris – Or covered all of the major terror attacks in Western Europe and the last decade plus of wars in Israel. Heller was one of the few who entered Gaza as an embedded correspondent with the IDF during the military operations of 2008-9, and 2014 and covered other war zones around the world in a similar fashion. Or Heller reported critical news stories and world events including the deaths of Nelson Mandela and Yasser Arafat.  Heller was nominated by Globes newspaper in Israel as one of the most influential journalists in Israel.

Or has a Masters Degree in History and lives with his partner Anat and two children in Givatayim.


What are the dilemmas of the IDF regards the tensions in Gaza, Syria, Lebanon and Iran. How’s Israel next war will look like?

What is the unique role of the Israeli war correspondent? Behind the scenes of covering the Israeli security establishment. (With Heller’s stories From the Israeli news)

Is the IDF is still the army of the entire people of Israel?Between the right and the left, female warriors, secular Jews and orthodox Jews, Druzes and motivation issues, how’s the Israeli society problems effects the IDF?


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