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Expert in Sales, Lecturer and Business Advisor for improving Sales Outlines of Companies and Organizations.

CEO and Owner of the “Center of the Israeli Sales Process”. Lectures and escorts leading companies and organizations such as: Checkpoint, Doron’s Furniture, Allen Carr, Tambour, Mizrahi Tefahot Bank, General Health Maintenance Organization and more.

He wrote the Best Seller “To Sell as if there is a Tomorrow” (‘MATTAR Publishing).

Lotan’s second book deals with Israeli Strategies. During the writing of this book, Lotan interviewed 50 leading CEO’s in Israel such as: Microsoft CEO, HOT, Isracard, Bezeq International, Globs, Rolex and businessmen such as: Ramy Levi,ย  Helli Mamman, Yanki Margalit, Roni Ross, Michal “Super Nanny” Daliot and more.

Lotan has a BA degree in Economics with specialization in Financing and Marketing, he learned writing in the Sam Spigel School in Jerusalem and Copywriting at ACC, Tirza Granot.

Graduated the Studies of NLP under Dr. Richard Bendler (The inventor of the method) at London Kensigton.

He lectures at the Chamber of Commerce, Marketing Association, IBC, EPOC Times and more.

Wanted Lectures

Sales cannot be taught in the Academy. There is not even one body which can teach how to correctly, effectively and efficiently sell while constantly improving.

Understanding of the most widespread mistakes in the Sales discipline and neutralizing them will bring immediate effective results in the Business Results.

Some of the lecture topics:

  • The customer does homework while the sales person does not prepare himself for the meeting/conversation with him
  • Customers do not resist โ€“ they only have doubts
  • Do not present products – present solutions
  • Needs clarification โ€“ OUT, Wills Inquiry โ€“ IN
  • Do not be scared of strengthening the sale
  • Inspiration Sale instead of Desperation Sale
  • Every “type” and his sale โ€“ How do we sell to different customers the very same product or service?
  • And more

There are 2 kinds of myths โ€“ those which never were true: All Persians are miserโ€ฆAll men areโ€ฆAll blond women areโ€ฆand those which were true in the past but they do not have any grasp anymore on the reality of today.

Until the year of 1880 all ships in the world were built of wood because of the simple reason that “Wood floats on water”, today, all ships are made of steel. Myths are doomed to crash. The same in Sales.

Some of the lecture topics are:

  • Why is it a mistake to repeat the name of the customer just like a parrot?
  • Why the resistance “it is too expensive” is not a resistance at all?
  • Why asking a customer “Is it a comfortable time to talk now?” is a huge mistake?
  • “Do a market survey but at the end โ€“ come back to me”
  • “Well?…did you think about my offer???”
  • And more

Why did I hand out watermelons when I managed all the field staff of the Real Estate Division at the leading Mortgage Bank in Israel?

It was research proven that people and customers do not get purchase decisions in a rational way.

The question asked is โ€“ How do we sell to the non rational customer?

If we are trying to talk to him in a rational language โ€“ He is not “talking” that language and therefore he will not buy.

If we try to sell him in a “Non Rational” manner, well, he might buy but which salesperson knows how to sell in this manner?

We have a problemโ€ฆ

What do we have to do in order to sell to the non rational customer in the Technological Era?

Why should you choose Lotan Segal

The Sales Zone has been radically changed in the last decade as of the initiation of the Digital Era. Similar to the brains โ€“ Sales is a muscle and it has to be trained.ย  There is no one employee in the field whose professional abilities and qualifications cannot be considerably improved.


 Loten Segal

Loten Segal

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