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Tamir Leon is an applied anthropologist. For the last 25 years he is studding the young generations, watch them; speak with them and with their parents and teachers. Tamir study the new interactions between humanity and technology as a general, and especially the impact of the former on the young.


The Covid 19 virus did not change the world just as leaders do not. What they do is change the rhythm. People worked partially from home since the beginning of this millennium. It started with parents, usually mothers, that wanted to check out early for their kids or separated fathers who rush home for their arrangements and ended with the young generations who feel different about the proportion between work and leisure.
For at least 10 years, there are companies that work totally remotely- teams that have never met face-to-face and live in different continents and time zones. What the pandemic has changed was the attitude of the managers toward it. Many of them realized that by using the up to date technology, they could function even if they do not have their employees in plain sight all the time. During the 2020 summer, more than 80 percent of the managers in America said that they are going toward hybrid work and that they started to prepare for that move; the hybrid train has left the station.
The new way of life is going to change much of our culture and economy: it is going to change the architecture of the workplace, make it more suitable for interactions and meetings than sitting and working alone. People will allow themselves to move to the geographic peripheries and countryside. Minorities would find it easier to get work because cultural differences are not so remarkable when working from home. Women will earn more. People will drive less and they will be less traffic. Take away much of the driving, there will be more time for the family, for hobbies, and sports.
However, not everything is good: there will be a change in the working force: there will be a need for managers with a different charisma. For workers that can work alone. People will suffer from loneliness, especially those who live alone. Moreover and maybe most importantly: the company’s cohesion will be damaged. Companies will have to find out what is their “hybrid potential”, which means how hybrid they can do without harming the firm and the employees.
Tamir Leon, an applied anthropologist, study the new generations and human culture for the last 25 years. In this enlightened and up-to-date lecture, describe the new model of work and life, and explain what companies and people should do in order to prepare themselves best for the new era.

On these days, our children start to attend the education system. They face a unique year at school. As some of their parents, they are going to study remotely. Adults as young, the family is going to stay much more at home, working and studying. During the years in which children develop their social skills, skills that usually develop when you are staying among your peer group, our children are going to be a lot of time by themselves, facing the screens.
What should we. Their parents, need to do in order to optimize this unusual time? How can we organize our families, technically, socially and emotionally, to make sure that we will get through the upcoming year in a way that will support the needs that our children must accept as kids and teenagers? How can we avoid the risks that this way of schooling brings with it, both to the body and soul? This is what this practical lecture is all about.


David Passig Lecture - Israely Speaker Center

David Passig Lecture - Israely Speaker Center

Lecture Topics: Innovation & Future Studies

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