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Michele Shalev

מיכל שלו - הרצאות


An Israeli author who in 1995 left her job as an attorney and began writing novels. Her success was immediate. Her first book, Soaring Angels – a love story between a combat pilot and a new immigrant from Russia, published by Zmora-Bitan in 1996, was an instant best-seller. Her second novel, Rachel’s Vow – a life story told by a grandmother to her granddaughter, published in 1997, topped her first book, appearing on the best-seller list for 58 consecutive weeks and has sold about 160,000 copies. Her third book, A Hundred Winters, which came out in 2001, held 1st place on the best-seller list for 20 weeks and sold around 120,000 copies. In 2005 she published Mercy – a panoramic historical novel from Greece to Egypt to Israel that is very relevant to the current events of today, in 2007 Wishing Well, in 2010 West of the Moon – a novel suffused with love of music – all big Best sellers, and in 2013 her novel Snowstorm which dominated the top places in all Best seller lists and sold around 80,000 copies.

Her Novel Run with the Wild Horses, which came out in 2016, is a gripping historical novel set in Medieval times from England to Acre in the Holy Land to Persia and Mongolia. Recently she published Splinters of Gold, which was accepted with great reviews and much love by the readers and held 1st place in the best-seller lists.

In 2008-2009 she published a series of children’s books Booloo Gooloo Doesn’t Want to Take a Bath/to Sleep/to Wash His Hair.

Michele is one of the most beloved and popular of the Israeli authors. Her books blend adventure, history and romance, family and tradition, tragedy and triumph. Her writing is vivid and compelling.



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