Yola Reitman lecturer

Yola Reitman

Hebrew , English


El Al flight attendant who was recruited by the Israeli intelligence agency, the Mossad, to help rescue thousands of Ethiopian Jews who had fled famine and war into neighboring Sudan.


History recounts the1984-85 Operation Moses, which rescued thousands of Ethiopian Jews from Sudanese refugee camps.  But few reported on the 3 year undercover mission that precluded Operation Moses.  Yola Reitman will give an account of being recruited by the Mossad to act as the Director of a diving operation on the shores of the Red Sea.  While running a legitimate business, she facilitated the rescue of 12,000 of Jewish refugees, fleeing persecution and famine in Ethiopia.  She offers her reflections on the difference a woman’s presence made in the success of the 3 year mission.

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