Yola Reitman lecturer

Yola Reitman

Hebrew , English


Born in Germany raised in Israel. Dreaming about sea adventures while growing up, she took on diving and became an owner of a yacht. Worked as a flight attendant at El Al, where she fulfilled diverse managerial positions. In the midst of her life was recruited by the Israeli Mossad to be part of a team of field agents, who were sent to Sudan, to smuggle the Ethiopian Jews to Israel.


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Yola Reitman worked in the service of the Israeli Mossad and was part of a team of field agents, sent to an enemy country, to smuggle the Ethiopian Jews out to Israel. In Sudan, she managed a diving resort that was the cover for the secret operation in cooperation with the Israeli Navy and Air Force, and from where the team went out for their mission. These days, Yola tells the story of her part in “operation brothers”, and opens to the listeners an unknown world. “Mudira Kabira” was how her local Sudanese employees called her, without suspecting what was ongoing under their noses.


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