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Barak Ravid is Israel’s most prominent and influential Diplomatic Correspondents. In the last 15 years Ravid covered extensively Israel’s foreign relations and national security policy in addition to its political system.
Covering the U.S.-Israel relationship, The Iran nuclear crisis, The Israeli-Palestinian peace process and the Middle East during the Bush, Obama and Trump administrations in America and the Olmert and Netanyahu governments in Israel Ravid has reported from more than 30 capitals in 5 continents, published numerous scoops which influenced foreign policy and drove the debate in Washington, Jerusalem and across Europe and the Middle East.
In the last three years Ravid conducted a series of interviews with senior Trump administration officials including Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and President Trump’s senior advisor Jared Kushner. In June 2019 Ravid conducted a historic interview with the Foreign Minister of Bahrain Sheikh Khaled Bin Ahmad Al-Khalifa – a first ever interview by a leader from the Gulf with the Israeli press.
Ravid started his journalistic career in 2005 – right after he finished six years of service as an officer in the Israeli military intelligence. His first job as a journalist was as an editor in the news desk at NRG website moving quickly to be the diplomatic correspondent.
In 2007 Ravid Joined Haaretz newspaper and worked for 10 years as its chief diplomatic correspondent and commentator. In October 2017 Ravid joined Channel 10 news which later became Channel 13 news as the chief diplomatic correspondent and commentator. During the same period Ravid also started writing for Axios about U.S. foreign policy, Israel and the Middle East.
Ravid has a BA in the history of the Middle East from the Tel Aviv University. He served for six years as an officer in the Israeli military intelligence and concluded his service with the rank of captain. Ravid lives in Tel Aviv with his wife and 2 kids.


Barak Ravid gives a behind the scenes look on how two controversial leaders changed the U.S.-Israel relationship.
“Maybe one more question:”
Q    Hi, Jared.  Thank you for doing this.  And congratulations.  If you can tell us a bit more maybe on the phone call today, between President Trump, Mr. Netanyahu, and Crown Prince bin Zayed, and whether you spoke to both Netanyahu and bin Zayed in the days leading to this agreement.  And what can you tell us about that?
MR. KUSHNER:  Yeah, so, first of all, Barak, I know we did a good job keeping it a secret, because even you couldn’t break it.  (Laughter.)  Because I think that in Israel, you have —
Q    Don’t get used to it, Jared.  Don’t get used to it.
MR. KUSHNER:  Yeah, I think that that in Israel, there’s Barak Ravid and then there’s the Mossad.  So, you know, so I — (laughter) — I think that the fact that we got this without even you picking it up was a — was maybe a — that was a very big accomplishment for us.

The Deal of the Century – Barak Ravid speaks about President Trump’s attempts to achieve peace in the Middle East and how his administration tried to change everything we know about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

The secrets of the Gulf – Barak Ravid sheds light on the secret alliance that has developed in the last 25 years between Israel and Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar.

The Iran Nuclear crisis – Barak Ravid talks about his experience covering the Iranian Nuclear Crisis in the last 10 years and about the looming threat of war with Iran.

On the plane With Bibi – Barak Ravid speaks about his 10 years of covering Benjamin Netanyahu as Prime Minister and travelling with him on close to 100 foreign trips abroad.

Understanding the Israeli political chaos – Barak Ravid explains how Israel got into a political deadlock that led it to three election in less than a year, how Benjamin Netanyahu’s legal cases influenced it and who is Benny Gantz.

למה כדאי להזמין הרצאה של ברק רביד?

Ravid has 15 years of experience in public speaking. He gave lectures and briefings to groups both in Israel and abroad in Hebrew and in English. Ravid hold public speaking sessions both for the general public and to more professional groups like foreign and Israeli diplomats, groups from the Israel defense and intelligence communities, Academics and business executives. In his lectures and briefings Ravid gives a unique perspective of Israel’s foreign relations and national security policy and the Israeli political system. He incorporates into his briefings many stories from his personal experience as a means of explaining how decisions are being made in Israel and what is going on behind the scenes in Israel and international politics.



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