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Miri Vurzel

מירי וורצל - הרצאה
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When one watches Miri Vurzel, born in 1954, standing on stage, standing and speaking, full of energies & charm, one can’t imagine that until the age of 26  she barely spoke, not to mention  lecturing on stage. A sudden trauma at the age of 2, leaving her with stutter, created a reality where fear controls her life.  A fear that denied her from basic children & adolescents   experiences. Every move was accompanied by the thought, will she have to speak? Half of her life were passed in the shadows without speaking up, even though she wanted badly. One day she decided to be done with being afraid, and started her journey to be fee from fear. Miri Vurzel has graduated from Tel Aviv University’s Law School, a lawyer, specializing in medical malpractice, an author and has a column in YNET


Seemingly, Miri Vurzel had it all. Loving husband & children, a successful career, full & active life.  But no one, except her husband & children, knew how much fear has consumed her soul. Trivial situations for everybody were harsh & torturous for her. In her lecture, lasting about an hour, she tells what living under regime of fear means, and the long journey she has made in order to get off its hold. Stutter is a fear, like any fear. Only he, who touched bottom of fear, can understand what fear means and how it poisons and paralyzes one’s life. And only he, who touched bottom of fear, and has freed   himself, completely, is capable of understanding how to do so, and how simple it is, actually. Miri Vurzel was there and came back to tell…


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