Osnat Shir-Vishinsky lecturer

Osnat Shir-Vishinsky

Hebrew , English


Artist, singer, comedian, public speaker, and life coach. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Literature and Gender from Tel-Aviv University. Osnat is a “Sabra” – born in Israel. Her parents made “Aliya” from Yemen and Iraq. She served in the IDF and was part of the entertainment corps. She became famous after performing in a popular late-night show, impersonating singers. Since that night, and for more than thirty years, she has maintained a long-lasting career. Osnat has performed in many television shows, theater plays and musicals in Israel and abroad, and has had a colorful career. She was married twice to well-known actors and has three children. Her oldest child, Lior, brother to her daughters Dana and Liron, was killed in a military operation in “Zir Filadelfi”, during his military service in 2004. Lior was 20 years old. Osnat returned to the stage a year later and kept doing the thing she does best – meeting her audience. She created a talk, based on her life: “Life is everything”. She also performs a musical comedy show, “A closer look”. Osnat is a co-founder of LIOR’S FUND. This non-profit fund just won the presidential award for its activities. Osnat is also the president of “NECHAMA”, an association which helps divorcees to start a new life.


In her talk, Osnat tells us about the path she followed to fulfill her childhood dream – performing professionally on the stage – and the night that changed her life and made her a well-known personality in every household in Israel. With honesty and a courageous heart, Osnat exposes the intimate process she underwent to reach the decision to live a meaningful life, after the loss of her son, in which being on stage played an inseparable part. Osnat believes that every challenge ‘comes to us’ in order for us to choose the way that will allow us to grow and become empowered and will be used as a trigger for action. Osnat divides her talk into five stages – Fulfillment, Falling Apart, Absorbing, Connecting and Awakening.

Why should you choose Osnat Shir-Vishinsky

Its a kind of show. It’s an experience. Osnat conquers the stage. She has a strong presence; she is funny, warm, moving and sings beautifully. She attracts the audience with her charm, and the audience follows her journey. She has a special ability to make you feel meaningful, investigate your soul and be inspired. The talk suits any kind of audience. At the end of every talk, Osnat invites everyone for a hug. And usually, they come. Waiting passionately for their turn. They kiss, they hug and take home a piece of love and hope.

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