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Since 2003 attorney, economist, and international expert in the field of persuasion, Dr. Yaniv Zaid – โ€œDoctor Persuasionโ€ โ€“ a Jewish business person from Israel โ€“ โ€œStart โ€“ Up Nationโ€, has been a highly recommended consultant and lecturer, teaching others how to improve their marketing, presentation, sales, and persuasion skills.

Dr. Zaid has given over 1,850 lectures and workshops in 4 continents, and has provided personal and business consulting services to over 2,200 companies and businesses in all fields, including insurance companies and financial institutions; communication, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, high-tech, and real estate companies; factories and product manufacturers; consulting and service companies; academic institutions; government departments; the security industry; healthcare providers; nonprofit organizations; and professional bureaus.

Dr. Zaid won 3rd place in the world championship for individual speakers in 2003 and participated in the semi-finals of the European championship for group speakers.

His 6 Best seller books were translated to many languages, including โ€œThe Jewish Persuasionโ€ and โ€œPersuade and Influence any Audienceโ€.

So far over 2,000,000 people have watched his lectures on his companyโ€™s YouTube channel


Do you want to jump start your business to reach amazing levels?

This lecture / workshop reveals the most innovative and successful tools for increasing your income, building your professional authority, creating and maintaining a community of customers, engaging in creative marketing, and maximizing your sales.

Apply the skills and strategies you will gain here โ€“ the tools that all Jewish business people live by, and the tools that made Israel the largest start-up company exporter in the world – and your business will soar!

Acquire all the skills you need for unprecedented business success!

Learn all about:

  • asking and getting high prices for your products and services, even in a “saturated” market
  • thinking creatively at all times, even in a competitive market
  • turning compliments into income and motivating people to act, even if they had not been planning to buy from you
  • creating a growing community around you and “educating” it to buy from you and not from your competitors
  • marketing and selling differently and more effectively than do your competitors
  • making as many people as possible talk about you as much as possible, saying only good things
  • and moreโ€ฆ

The workshop / lecture is tailored to suit the number of participants and the forum they are taking place in. Itโ€™s intended for managers at all levels, team leaders, sales, marketing and service professionals, call center employees and callers, instructors and speakers, technicians and technical and technological professionals.

The lecture / workshop includes: simulations and practice exercises, demonstrations and examples, video watching and a lot of humor.

Among the topics covered in the Lecture / workshop:

  • โ€œThe luxury paradoxโ€ โ€“ how do you make your customers and employees feel important, appreciated and happy,ย but on your own terms?
  • โ€œPolarizing messagesโ€ โ€“ how do you get your customers to snap out of their indifference and motivate them to act in the digital age and in a sophisticated and competitive market?
  • โ€œBlue Oceanโ€ โ€“ how do you create a business opportunity in any situation?
  • โ€œViral marketingโ€ โ€“ how do you get people to talk about you as much as possible (and say good things, of courseโ€ฆ)?
  • How do you make the most of your potential on a personal, business and professional level?
  • How do you increase the number of collaborations (also with colleagues and competitors) and create a positive and lasting network of relationships?
  • How do you network properly, even if youโ€™re extremely shy?
  • How do you incorporate humor, examples and data in conversations, meetings and presentations?
  • How can you succeed with your business outside Vietnam?
  • And more

This is guaranteed to be a great experience โ€“ the participants will learn, practice, laugh and have fun!


Dr Yaniv Zaid

Dr Yaniv Zaid

Lecture Topics: Economics, Business & Leadership

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