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With more than 25 years of experience in management, sales, marketing and customer service.

During the first Lebanon war, Budin was injured in his hand and as a result his right hand was amputated. He was a member of the Israel Swimming Team for two decades. He was the first member of the Paralympic team in 1984 and participated six times in the Paralympic Games, breaking two world records, winning eight Olympic medals, two gold medals and another 12 World Championships.

Budin participated in the reality series “Survival of the Philippines”.

In 2012 Budin published a book: Single Handed – Turning Disadvantage to an Advantage.


Growing up in a family of 6 (4 boys) with parents who survived the holocaust. Born Canadian who went to Israel at the age of 3. What affected me most was my injury in Lebanon in 1982. Here I am a 20 year old young man in his prime lying on the ground covered with dirt and blood. The bomb shell that just hit me amputated my right arm on the spot and burned the right side of my face, leaving me crying with excruciating pain trying to figure out what is to become of my life, Knowing it will never be the same again…

A long rehabilitation process: Internalizing, adjusting, adapting, switching from right to left and much more. Dealing with a new present towards the future: coping without compromises, studying and on top of all becoming a world class swimmer.

Establishing a family and raising two boys watching the eldest join the army to serve in a special operations unit. Participating in 6 Paralympic games and winning 8 medals (two of them Gold, establishing two world records). Enjoying a rich business career both as self employed and in major roles at leading companies. Participating in the Israeli version of Survivor as one as the most significant characters.

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A very experienced speaker talking in front of large or small audience in fluent English. Easy with all ages and different groups from a wide spectrum and culture. Among them: Australia,USA, Canada, Great Britain and S. Africa.


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