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Roi Shternin

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After being ill for years, Roi diagnosed himself with a rare condition (POTS Syndrome), starting a medical revolution, saving lives and promoting health on his way to saving his own life. Roi Is the founder of the patient-led Israeli society for Dysautonomia and has founded several health startups and NGOs including Valero Clinical, Help+, Project hearts and Labriut! he is an expert TEDx Trainer. Roi serves as the first-ever Chief Patient for the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute in Austria.


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How can we turn a bad situation around? Why is it that uncertain situations of uncertainty are the ones that shape and strengthen our character the most? In this talk, Roi empowers his audience by illustrating how situations of great uncertainty are great opportunities and how you can always come back stronger, better, and more focused.


The sickness journey is much like an entrepreneur journey, thorough struggles, lack of resources and hardship, in this talk, Roi Shternin, An entrepreneur and a patient, explains why should we foster patient innovation in order to change our world

Storytelling as a life tool. The story Roi Shternin told his doctors saved his life. This is not always the case, but there is no doubt that a well-told story can turn a situation in a positive, useful direction, and even change your life.

Why should you choose Roi Shternin

On his way to becoming a doctor himself, Roi fell ill and spent almost a decade of his life completely debilitated. His unbelievable story of resilience, self-discovery, and rehabilitation as becoming world-famous, now he sets to inspire others.


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