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Ron Leshem is a novelist, scriptwriter, jurnalist and a tv executive, won Israel's top literary award, translated into 22 languages. Details
Smadar Peri Middle East editor of the largest daily in Israel: Behind the scenes of peace process, Arab leaders in the region, The Arab overview on Israel and The Israelis, Muslim women. Details
Gila Almagor is regarded as the first lady of Israeli stage and film. Details
Jacob Burak businessman, social activist and writer on subjects combining business, evolution and psychology. Details
Emanuel Halperin journalist,moderator, editor and TV announcer. Details
Nadav Yacovi Sport journalists, expert on International football, Sports Channel (Channel 5) commentator , co-host of Radio Tel Aviv (102 FM) daily sports show. Details
Haim Shapira senior lecturer at the Faculty of Economics of the College of Management, and Head of the Joint Economics and Law Program Details
Etgar Keret is an Israeli writer known for his short stories, graphic novels, and scriptwriting for film and television. Details
Hanoch Budin turning disadvantage into an advantage: Entrepreneur, business manager, Paralympics medals winner and a true survivor. Details
Ronen Bergman Dr. Ronen Bergman is one of Israel’s leading investigative journalists. Details
Ram Oren is a popular Israeli author, was a journalistic and a lawyer. Details
Yoram Yovel Prof. Yoram Yovell is a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst with a Ph.D. in neuroscience. Details
Anabela Shaked MA PCC, Psychotherapist , head of the School of Adlerian Psychotherapy in the Adler Institute of Israel. Details
Zvi Yehezkeli is an Arab affairs correspondent and head of desk at News 10, the news division of Israel´s TV Channel 10. Details
Yael Arad athlete By becoming the first Israeli Olympic medalist. Details
Guy Maroz journalist and leading lecturer in activist press issues and the route for Social changes Details
Erez Morrag Dr. Erez Morag is an innovation expert based in Israel. speaks widely around the world, inspiring entrepreneurs, business leaders, and students to use sport science principles to enhance their businesses Details
Amos Levitov Survival Under Extreme Pressure – POW as a combat pilot in the IDF Details
Yossi Beilin was a Member of Knesset for twenty years and held various ministerial positions, Chairman of the "Geneva Initiative". Details
Gil Hovav TV chef, novelist and author of 10 cookbooks, great grandson of Eliezer Ben Yehuda. Details
Itay Engel senior correspondent. Specialized in covering war zones. Winner of the highest award for journalism in Israel. Details
Amir Bar Shalom is the Head of the Military Desk of Channel 1 TV Israel, providing ongoing coverage of security events in Israel and abroad. Details
Ron Ben Ishay National Security correspondent commentator for the no.1 leading daily newspaper in Israel. Details
Yael Dayan Born in Israel to Ruth and the late General Moshe Dayan, graduate Political Science and Biology, served three terms as a Labor Party Member of Knesset. Details
Avi Meller journalist in Ma´ariv, sports commentator in the IDF radio station and in the sports cabel channel. Details
Eshcol Navo is an Israeli writer who has published a collection of short stories. Details
Shohat Gil Composer, Conductor, Pianist Details
Erel Doron A professional mountain climber. Is known as the conqueror of the Everest and the Himalaya. Details
Nahari Oren Editor of the foreign news desk at channel 1. Wrote the World History Atlas. Details
Katz Eran Guinness Record Holder in Memory Author-"The Secret of an Outstanding Memory". Details
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Ben Yehuda climbing high

Doron Herman


In the same way that WhatsApp has changed our lives for the better, it has also brought danger into our lives. The only way to prevent the destruction of teenagers' lives is bringing into conscience and presenting personal stories of social networks' victims. Don't miss out on an important and fascinating lecture by Doron Herman, a criminal justice reporter at channel 10.

Not only elephants

Erez Livne


As a scientist, founder and CEO of Vecov Nanomedicines, Livne represented Israel at the scientists and entrepreneurs program on NASA base in California. Livne tells the unique story of an extraordinary program where great minds set down to discuss the main challenges standing before the human race in the upcoming decades, determined to change the world for the better.  

The Disaster of Operation Bramble Bush

Omri Assenheim


As senior correspondence of "Uvda," a leading investigative and current affairs program on Israeli television and author of a book about the disaster, Assenheim breathtaking lecture takes us through the crucial decisions, leadership issues, crisis management and responsibility taking of the 1992 disastrous rehearsal for Operation Bramble Bush. 

The Humor of Efraim Kishon

Or Heller


Between Gaza and Lebanon, between the Hamas and the Hizballa, between Iran and Egypt, what are the security challenges Israel faces and what are its' coping mechanisms? How does the IDF prepare for the third Lebanon war? Is it even possible to triumph in the face of terror and how has the nature of Israel's wars changed over the last decades?

uri rozen
Tzipi Beider

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